July – Bike packing weekend

Bike-packing weekend
2-3-4 July

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is boar2_1-1024x683.jpg
Foto: Franziska Wernsing – 2017

This is a Panache Special! We’re taking you on a bike packing weekend through some of Luxemburgs most scenic regions. Are you adventurous of hart but at the same time appreciate some form of comfort? Then this weekend is totally your thing! Pack your bike with only the most necessary things and let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the thrill of freedom. There will bij plenty of unpaved roads and trails we will travel across to find all hidden gems, so take that in mind when choosing your gear. A gravelbike or mountainbike should be your weapon of choice. It won’t be too technical, but a regular roadbike will not cut it. We’ve arranged two great places to stay overnight, including diner and breakfast. Lunch is also included as are some tasty after-bike snacks. We do, however, recommend that you bring your own energy bars et cetera. Starting point is Weiswampach in the north of Luxemburg. From there, we make our way south with a nice detour to our first overnight stay in Enscherange. The next day we go all the way to the south-eastern German border, right up to the Mosel river. After spending the night in Consdorf, our last travelling day will bring us back north to Weiswampach, meandering through the highlands and woodlands of Luxemburg. The pace will be ‘sporty’ but with time and attention for the beautiful envoirement and each other. So no die-hard ‘racing to finishline’ kind of mindset. There are only 10 places available, so don’t wait to long! The exact details of the route are still under construction, but just to give you a rough idea, see the map below.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is kaart-luxemburg-route.png
Start is at the top, we will be travelling counter-clockwise. This is just a global impression of the route, mind you!

What’s all inclusive?
Because this is a Panache-special, it’s all a bit different from our other events (see ‘who are we’ down below) . For starters, this event-page is translated in English :-)! We really want to aim at a broader audience, because it is more in the spirit of bike packing. Also, we like to guide, help and meet all kind of folk during our events. It’s one of the fundamental characteristics of what makes cycling so enjoyable. Having that said, below you will find a brief summary of the most inportant things that are included in our weekend:

-3 guided travveling days
-2 overnight stays
-2x lunch
-repair assistance
-Guarded bike-parking

-2x breakfast
-2x diner
-after bike snacks
-Info on nutrition and training
-After-care by mail

Basic but cosy 2 person sleeping pod in Consdorf
4 person wooden chalet in Enscherange

Weekend planning
We leave on friday early in the afternoon and plan to return on sunday somewhere around three o-clok. We will be making long days travelling, but this gives us the oppertunity to drop the pace a bit and really enjoy the surroundings. Also, there will be plenty of climing to, so we will need the time to overcome all obstacles. Because the route is still under construction, we can give you an estimate of the distances we will be travelling every day. Friday we will make about 100km, saturday two 80km stages (total 160km) and sunday another 100-120 km. Not sure if you can handle this? Please send us a mail so we can help you make a balanced dicision.

Who are we?
Good question! We are Rick Berends and Mark Schouten. Two dutch guys whith a great passion for roadbiking and gravelbiking. We are both sports physiotherapists and have cycled many miles (well, kilometers actually, but you get the point) together. Rick moved to Germany some years ago and lives close to the Luxemburg border. From there, we organize training events for cyclists a few times a year, because the region is hilly, beautiful and very well accessible from the Netherlands, where most of our guests come from. By combinig our passion for cycling with our medical knowledge, we offer cyclists a personalised, all inclusive weekend, packed with great guided rides, good food, good sleep and a lot of fun. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge about training, nutrition and technical advice on the bike. We offer free optical bike-fits and after-bike foam rolling session to help recover the muscles. Feel like a pro for a weekend. All you have to do is ride, eat and sleep. Sounds good, right? 🙂

Price for whole weekend: €449,- p.p.
Groups of 6 persons or more: €399,- p.p.

Not inluded: Travelling and health insurance. Panache! is not responsible for any (physical) harm, damage or theft of material during the weekend. Extra food or drinks besides what Panache offers, are to be paid by the guest. Due to the nature of our overnight stays, it is not possible to arrange a single room or one-person cabin.

Send a mail to info@panache.bike to sign up or click here to visit our contact page (in dutch, still working on that ;-))